The cabins are located on the back side of the property (West) with a view of the Lake and sunsets. There are 4 cabins:

Cabin 1 is 250 sq ft with a Queen bed, 2 piece bath, and sitting area by the original fireplace. There is also a dumb waiter that works by a rope pully that was used to keep food cold prior to refridgerators becoming popular. There is also a ceiling fan and electric heat

Cabin 2 is the same as Cabin 1 except that there is a wood burning fireplace.

Cabin 3 is connected to Cabin 4 and is a Gathering Room with a pullout couch, futon, cable tv, wood burning fireplace, and electric heat.

Cabin 4 is 250 sq ft with a King size bed, 2 piece bathroom, dumb waiter, ceiling fan, and electric heat.

*** Wifi is provided throughout the entire property
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